VR/RV: A Recreational Vehicle in Virtual Reality

1994, 11 min, color, sound

A drive along the electronic superhighway! Using state-of-the-art computer graphics systems, d'Agostino creates a virtual environment that joins together simulations of Philadelphia, the Rockies, Kuwait City and Hiroshima. From inside a computer generated car, these four geographically remote environments are as close to each other in VR (virtual reality) as the next highway exit. D'Agostino's impression of this space is not uncritical; the constant scanning effect on the car radio and a barrage of CNN seen outside points out that our existing information overload has already lead to a techno-Babel, while the inclusion of Hiroshima and Kuwait reminds us of earlier, technologically inspired holocausts.

Video/Sound/Editing: Peter d'Agostino. Software: Raonull Conover, Sean Halliday, Amit Parghi. Computer Laboratory: Doug Smith. Producers: Willi Schmidt, Luke Van Dyk. Production Support: Banff Centre for the Arts, Penn Fellowship in the Arts, Pennsylvannia Council for the Arts, Temple University.