1981, 27:50 min, color, sound

In TeleTapes, d'Agostino continues his critique and analysis of television's influence on everyday life and culture by exploring the content and time structure of broadcast TV. Composed of three parts — TeleTricks - TV Environments; TeleGames - And Now, The News; and TelePuzzles - TV Movies — this collage uses tricks, games, puzzles and a veritable dictionary of TV effects as analogies and metaphors for the visual and aural language of the television viewing experience. Alternating news and commercial footage with his own staged events, d'Agostino examines the viewer's perception of reality versus TV reality, the pervasive cultural influence of TV advertising, and the way that television manipulates and mythifies events.

Music: Jon Gibson. Editor: Bruce Follmer. Associate Director: Terry Benson. Produced by the Television Laboratory at WNET/Thirteen. Executive Producer: Carol Brandenburg.