Digitization Project

EAI has launched a major initiative to digitize the media artworks in the EAI collection. The goal of this project is to ensure that the EAI collection of over 3,500 experimental video and media works by artists—which is recognized as one of the leading historical collections of its kind—will continue to be accessible and viable for current and future generations.

The first phase of this project was funded with generous support by the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency, through their Digitization Program.

The initial phase allowed EAI to begin the process of creating and storing uncompressed digital files of the media works in the collection. This ongoing process facilitates the preservation and distribution of the collection on current and future digital formats, and will ensure its viability as new digital technologies are developed.

In addition, the project allows for broader and more efficient access to the EAI collection through a series of initiatives that include enhanced online streaming of excerpts of works through our Online Catalogue, video documentation of our public programs, advanced access for research and preview, and a digital viewing station at EAI for educators, curators and the public.

In 2009 EAI launched the first digital access component of this project: an "on demand" digital interface for EAI's on-site Viewing Room. This system allows visitors—including students, curators and educators—to directly access over 1,300 artists' video works from the EAI collection for private on-site viewing, research and study.

In 2010 EAI launched the newest access phase of our Digitization Initiative: the EAI Online Viewing Room. This service allows for secure, private online viewing of works in the EAI collection for preview and research purposes. Please contact the EAI office to inquire about this new service.