C. Spencer Yeh

C. Spencer Yeh is recognized for his interdisciplinary activities and collaborations as an artist, composer and improviser, as well as his music project Burning Star Core. Much of Yeh's video work engages with avant-garde composition and performance, variously as studies in form and technique, or as documentation of other artists working within his musical, geographic or social spheres. Other projects are humorously charged excursions into pop and trash cultural anthropology within "tape trading"-style distribution, such as applying highly polished treatment to bootleg video sources or canned pop songs. Pitched at the turn-of-the-millennium transition from "IRL" trades of prized physical objects to BitTorrent file transfers, this aspect of Yeh's work engages questions of value, authenticity, access, and social interactions within shifting paradigms for (unauthorized) circulation of images.   full biography


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2002, 12:42 min, color, sound
2003-2009, 5:25, color, sound
Edition Inkjet 2003 Promo
2003, 00:33 min, color, sound
Edition Inkjet 2005 Promo
2005, 2:34 min, color, sound
Edition Inkjet 2008 Promo
2008, 1:00 min, color, sound
Edition Inkjet 2009 Promo
2009, 1:18 min, color, sound
2004, 29:29, color, sound
2008, 3:26 min, color, sound
2009, 1:26 min, color, sound
2009, 7:46 min, color, sound
2009, 7:05 min, color, sound
2009, 3:39, color, sound
2011, 155:24 min., color, sound
2013, 2:14, color, sound
2013, 2:14 min, color, sound
2013, 6:16 min, color, sound, HD video
2015, 52:42 min, color, sound
2015, 28:06 min, color, sound, HD video
2017, 4:47 min, color, sound, HD video