Jason Lescalleet "Beauty Is A Bowtie (HTDW)" (Alternate Version)

2013, 2:14 min, color, sound

C. Spencer Yeh writes: "Jason Lescalleet had asked me to work on a video for his SONGS ABOUT NOTHING record, to be a part of a larger series of videos to accompany each track on the album. I had originally submitted a version which wasn't quite what he was envisioning (his request was 'I know that you'll know what to do with the hints of pop and blue-eyed soul in this track'), so I dug into a collection of VHS stock footage samples I had sitting around. That vibe, along with some video I had gathered, was topped off with a discrete sample of a popular and known experimental filmwork as suggested by my then studiomate, artist Justin Lieberman. Suddenly a new story was written that we were both happy with. I still quite liked the original version, so now I can present both side-by-side. I thought the presence of the truck (bathed in the 'blue-eyed' Californian sun) would be a convincing nod to Lescalleet's inspiration for the album, which was Big Black's SONGS ABOUT FUCKING (featuring the lead track The Power of Independent Trucking)."