Three Waves

2017, 4:47 min, color, sound, HD video

Following up earlier works Eclipse and Baby Birds (2009), Three Waves amplifies and investigates the anatomical production of sound and its mediation through sensory technology — what Yeh describes as “kind of a moving-image riff on concrete poetry.” The video assembles a chorus line of seven close-up recordings from the artist’s mouth to produce a visceral composition of sound and image, presented in three movements. Yeh relies on “direct sound” for the work’s audioscape, meaning all sounds were recorded in the same moment as the visuals they are presented with. Abstracting his own image alongside the evocative yet formless squelches and pops of his mouth opening and closing, Yeh presents micro-components of bodily activity as building blocks for musical composition — highlighting the gaping cavity between subtle somatic functions and their rich audiovisual byproducts when isolated and remixed.