Nam June Paik



Articles and Essays

New York Times

John Rockwell

Feb 20, 1973


John Rockwell, "Multimedia Concert at Kitchen Proves Less Than Success." New York Times (February 20, 1973)

The reviewer is unimpressed by the February 1973 concert at The Kitchen; he discusses Charlotte Moorman's performance, Yoshi Wada's musical performance, and Nam June Paik'sscreening of Japanese commercials


Articles and Essays

New York Times

David L. Shirey

Jul 4, 1972


David L. Shirey, "Video Art Turns to Abstract Imagery." New York Times (July 4, 1972): 6.

David L. Shirey reviews the Video Festival, organized by the Vasulkas, which was held at The Kitchen in July 1972.



Daily News

Lee Sheridan

Dec 7, 1973

Lee Sheridan, "City Collectors Participate in Avant Garde Festival."
Daily News (December 7, 1973)

This reviewer considers the 10th Annual Avant Garde Festival to have been "an historic event charting the course of the unconventional art of the 1970s."


Program Notes

Jun 12, 1971

Electronic Hokkadim

On June 12, 1971, thirty minutes of live network broadcast air time was granted to writer and artist Douglas Davis by WTOP-TV in Washington DC; Viewers were invited to call in to the station and participate in a live electronic performance.


Press Clippings

Jonas Mekas, Joseph Schwartz, Grace Glueck, John Gruen


This press document for the Howard Wise Gallery contains clippings of several reviews printed in The Village Voice, The New York Times, New York magazine, and The Jersey Journal.

Wall Text

Wall text displayed in EAI's viewing room at EFA gallery Gallery during the PERFORMA07 performance biennial.