Takeshi Murata

Takeshi Murata produces extraordinary digital works that refigure the experience of animation. His innovative practice and evolving processes range from intricate computer-aided, hand-drawn animations to exacting manipulations of the flaws, defects and broken code in digital video technology. Whether altering appropriated footage from cinema (B movies, vintage horror films), or creating Rorschach-like fields of seething color, form and motion, Murata produces astonishing visions that appear at once seductively organic and totally digital.   full biography


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2003, 3:50 min, color, sound
2004, 4:26 min, color, sound
2005, 3:55 min, color, sound
2006, 11 min, b&w, sound
2007, 2:37 min, color, silent
2007, 5 min, color, sound
2010, 6:05 min, color, sound, HD video
2010, 2:04 min, color, sound
2010, 17:16 min, color, sound
2011, 1:04 min, color, sound
2013, 11:39 min, color, sound, HD video