A Bit Of Matter And A Little Bit More

1976, 23 min, color, sound

"The male/female, subject/object investigation in A Bit of Matter and a Little Bit More does not have any titillating episodes leading up to it. The appetite is not whetted beforehand. Hardcore, the opening shot shows the crotch area of two bodies, male and female, engaged in coitus. The camera shifts to a point on the floor where a circle with arrow pointing to it are taped. (Perhaps a screwed up sex symbol?) Also on the floor are a hammer and a nail. Two people approach the circle. One of them picks up the hammer and drives the nail into the floor. They both walk to the corner of the room where there is a blanket. (Perhaps this action builds AN OBJECT SECURED UPON A THRESHOLD?)

"The music is like jazz bubble-gum. A woman's voice on an overlap track begins to compare the idea of baroque to sex. She says that discussing either is silly because she doesn't 'really' know what either is. Then she talks about what people really get excited by.

"At the end a male voice says, 'Some questions and five answers relative to moved pictures, five questions and some answers relative to moved pictures.' This refers to the artist's book 100 Rocks on a Wall (Lund: Edition Sellem, Archive of Experimental and Marginal Art, 1976.) This is followed by lots of sighs and squeaking noises. The last spoken words in A Bit of Matter and a Little Bit More are 'Look at me look at me.'" Alice Weiner

Produced by Moved Pictures, New York, in cooperation with Fifi Corday Productions. Videophotography: Michael H. Shamberg. Music: Marzette Watts. Voices: Azw Bentley, Lawrence Weiner. Players: Martine Rapin, Cynthia Pattison, Mike Grotto, P. Hoenderdos, D. Kaplan, Susan Davis, Ms. Tacks/Takes. First Presentation: The Kitchen, New York City, December 9, 1976.