Wild Blue Yonder

2002, 15:15 min, color, sound

Wild Blue Yonder fuses animated drawings and text with video footage of Weiner's friends, colleagues, and family. Weiner recontextualizes the everyday, leveling gestures, conversations, actions and interactions into a system of codes that blur the boundaries between what is choreographed and what is improvised. Weiner's visual grammar (arrows, horizons, frames) suggests motion and borders; the relationships of the animations, aphoristic text, and conversations activate questions of intimacy within the conventions of physical and personal space.

Produced by Moved Pictures, New York. Players: Kimberley Hassett, Jacqueline Humphries, Sara Knoll, Daniel Reynolds, Leslie Schiff, Michael Von Uchtrup, Tracy Williams. Graphic Translation: Kimberley Hassett. Made in conjunction with the book Wild Blue Yonder.