Broken Off

1971, 1:30 min, b&w, sound

"In this video the artist states that it is a public freehold work which demonstrates what could be art within his responsibility. Like Beached it was also shot in a marshy area near the sea and in sequences that are separated by dissolves. One sees five different actions that are related to BROKEN OFF. The artist breaks a tree branch, scrapes and kicks the ground with his foot, snaps a stick in two off a fence, scrapes a stone with his fingernail. At the end he pulls the line plug from the video." — Alice Weiner.

Produced by Fernsehgalerie Gerry Schum, Hannover. Videophotography: Gerry Schum. Performer: Lawrence Weiner. First Presentation: Videogalerie Schum, Dusseldorf (N.D. 1971).