1985-90, 9:04 min, color, sound

Chat ├ęcoutant la musique (Cat Listening to Music)

This first tape in the Bestiaire trilogy provides Marker's beloved cat, Guillaume-en-Egypte, with his "most widely acclaimed" screen role. As Marker recalls, "He was fond of Ravel (any cat is) but he had a special crush on Mompou. That day (a beautiful sunny day, I remember) I placed Volume I of the complete "Mompou by Mompou" on the CD player to please him ..."

An Owl is an Owl is an Owl

A sly, entrancing meditation on the smooth and beautiful automation of an owl's glance.

Zoo Piece

As the perspective shifts from display to imprisonment, a montage of images from a zoo takes on increasing significance and pathos.


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