1988, 15:30 min, color, sound

Writes Norman Yonemoto, "In the novella Blinky The Friendly Hen (1978), artist Jeffrey Vallance documented the supermarket purchase of a frozen chicken and its burial in the Los Angeles S.P.C.A. Pet Memorial Park. Naming the fryer Blinky, Vallance transformed poultry into pet, paying tribute to the billions of hens sacrificed each year for our consumption. Ten years later questions of the true cause of Blinky's death continue to swirl. Blinky, the videotape, documents the search for this cause. Alas, like the shroud of Turin, Blinky's death cannot be completely resolved. Blinky's ten-year story ends where it began, in our culture's glistening, dreamlike symbol of heavenly closure, the supermarket."

Based on the book by Jeffrey Vallance. Photography: Nick Ursin. Music: Tom Recchion. Computer Animation Sequence: Jim Rygiel. A KYO-DAI production.