Made in Hollywood

1990, 56:12 min, color, sound

Steeped in irony, Made in Hollywood depicts the personal and cultural mediation of reality and fantasy, desire and identity, by the myths of television and cinema. Quoting from a catalogue of popular styles and sources, from TV commercials to The Wizard of Oz, the Yonemotos construct a parable of the Hollywood image-making industry from a pastiche of narrative cliches: A small-town ingenue goes West to find her dream and loses her innocence; the patriarch of a Hollywood studio nears death; a New York couple seeks screenwriting fame and fortune in the movies. With deadpan humor and hyperbolic visual stylization, the Yonemotos layer artifice upon artifice, constructing an image-world where reality and representation, truth and simulation, are meaningless distinctions.

Patricia Arquette as Tammy, Michael Lerner as Irving, Ron Vawter as Matt, Mary Woronov as Mary. Starring: Rachel Rosenthal, Greg Mehrten, Tim Miller, Raymond Cruz. With: Dona Hardy, Gordon Metcalf, Michael Smith, Perrey Reeves, David Schweizer, Alex Gerrard, Mike Kelley, Tiffany Gerrard, Dean Jones. Producer: Bruce Yonemoto. Director: Norman Yonemoto. Screenplay: Bruce and Norman Yonemoto. Editor: Norman Yonemoto. Musical Score: Carl Stone. Additional Music: Steve Stewart & Weba Garretson. Production Design: Patti Podesta, Gary Lloyd. Photography: Nikolai Ursin. Associate Producer: Carl Ludwig Rettinger. Executive Producer: Tadayuki Kariyama. Co-Producer: John Wentworth. Made possible by ZDF and the National Endowment for the Arts in association with the Film Arts Foundation. A KYO-DAI production.