Spalding Gray's Map of L.A.

1984, 27:40 min, color, sound

The Yonemotos collaborated with performance artist Spalding Gray and actors Mary Woronov and Marshall Efron on this satire of the mythology of Los Angeles, juxtaposing a parodic fictional narrative with Gray's autobiographical monologues. The ironic re-enactment of the New York artist's encounter with the excess of Los Angeles focuses on the Southern Californian obsession with cars as cultural and consumer icons. In tragicomic monologues that punctuate the ongoing fantasy narrative, Gray traces his sentimental education through a series of anecdotal childhood memories that detail his romantic infatuation with cars.

Director/Editor: Norman Yonemoto. Producer: Bruce Yonemoto. Written by Spalding Gray, Marshall Efron, Mary Woronov, Bruce Yonemoto, Norman Yonemoto. Photography: Nikolai Ursin. Music adapted by Carl Stone. Starring: Spalding Gray, Marshall Efron, Mary Woronov, Coleen Sterritt. A KYO-DAI production.