Cherie, mir ist schlecht

Cherie, I Feel Bad

1983, 57:28 min, color, sound

This highly stylized narrative, told with black humor, is both a parody and an homage to the omnipotence of the clichés of Hollywood cinema and television advertising. A collaborative effort by Hámos and Berlin filmmakers Marian Kiss and Ed Cantu, this studied pastiche of popular genres and media quotations makes tongue-in-cheek reference to classical cinema, TV commercials, gothic horror, spy thrillers, vampires, Hitchcock, fashion and music videos — and even has a happy ending. The scene is a haunted castle whose sinister inhabitants observe the outside world on ubiquitous video monitors; reality is an unending flow of TV commercials. Within the narrative, characters communicate and interact with appropriated televised or cinematic images that are "more real than reality."

In German

Director: Marian Kiss. Writer: Marian Kiss, Gusztav Hamos, Ed Cantu. Camera: Gusztav Hamos and Christoph Dreher. Editors: Gusztav Hamos, Marian Kiss. Sound: Ed Cantu.