1988, 23 min, color, sound

The Polish Theater group Teatr Cosmego Dia (Theater of the Eighth Day), founded in 1964, inaugurated an underground movement of political theater in Poland. Wermut is a performance work of haunting beauty, "an open letter from Poland to another world," which "quotes from the only slightly transformed nightmare-like reality... of a country that is sinking into the dark." In Hámos' documentation, the performers make palpable fear and bitterness, the struggle for moments of freedom and pleasure, and the dreaming of impossible voyages. The title is from the Revelation of St. John the Divine, Chapter 8; the themes are prescient in light of the events in Eastern Europe in 1989.

In Polish

Text/Scenario: Teatr Osmego Dnia. Theatrical Director: Lech Raczak. Video Director: Gusztav Hamos. Music: Lech Jankowski. Actors: Ewa Wojciak, Adam Borowski, Tadeusz Janiszewski, Marcin Keszycki.