Seins Fiction II: Der Unbesiegbare

1983-87, 21:10 min, b&w and color, sound

The science fiction hero Flash Gordon is recreated by Hámos in this artfully rendered work. The artist's fascinated identification with the superhero as cultural icon is manifested in both personal and popular representations. Hámos' deadpan performance as Flash, in which he reacts in tight close-ups to the comic book melodrama of a German Flash Gordon radio play, is framed with pop music and black-and-white excerpts from the original Hollywood film. Constructing an inventive film/video dichotomy, Hámos juxtaposes this extremely reductive use of video with Super-8 exterior footage. Hámos exploits what he terms "the relation between video and film: objective view — video, subjective view — film. The tension arises from the associations between what is heard and what is seen. This project is the simulation of the story of a hero."

In German with English subtitles.

Music: Queen, Beethoven. With: Gusztav Hamos, Marian Kiss.