Diamond: The 8 Lights (Spheres of Influence)

1985, 53:47 min, color, sound

Diamond: The 8 Lights is the videotape version of Oursler's multi-channel installation Spheres d'influence, produced for the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. The city of Paris is the site of a twisted journey into psychological realms and the vagaries of contemporary life. Interlocking episodes center on themes of internal/external states, light and fire — all of which converge in a wild detective story about the crimes of the naive and the lovelorn. Oursler creates startlingly original images with eclectic props and miniature cityscapes; his narrative inventions include a game show in which dreams are scrutinized and rewarded according to their "entertainment" value. In Oursler's world, nature is unpredictable, people are capriciously unkind, and fate is cruel — but the controlled chaos of life continues on.

Camera: Michel Grellet. Music: Edward Primrose. Produced by the Centre Georges Pompidou Musee National d'Art Moderne.