1984, 28:58 min, color, sound

In this black comedy of disillusioned romance, love, sex and loneliness, which features Mike Kelley, Oursler entangles the viewer in the delirious dreamstate of a young man. In an expressionistic theater of wildly constructed props and dramatically painted sets, where humans interact with dolls and clay figures, Oursler holds a mirror to love's inversions, diversions and perversions. In this fantastical critique of cultural myths of sexuality, Oursler strews the text with outrageous sexual metaphors and symbols. EVOL is a psychodrama of compulsion, romance and tragedy, describing what Oursler terms "a charming narrative which becomes self-sustaining, a deadly black hole that attracts and mirrors our deepest fears."

With: Mike Kelley. Sound: Scott Ryser, Mark Daniels. Music: Tony Oursler, Rachel Weber, Scott Ryser. Camera: Jack Walworth, Tony Oursler. Produced by Tony Oursler and the Contemporary Art Television (CAT) Fund.