Toxic Detox

1992, 32 min, color, sound

This low-tech narrative continues the misanthropic misadventures of Joe and Tony (characters played by the artists) and their dog Woody, as they struggle to negotiate everyday reality in their de-institutionalized, post-medicated world. In scenarios that swing from fantasies of poisoned Halloween candy to suicidal tendencies and castration nightmares, Oursler and Gibbons create a deadpan fictional document of the paranoid delusions of their detoxed alter egos.

Writer, Camera, Editor, Director: Tony Oursler, Joe Gibbons. Fine Edit: Michael Penhallow. Performances: Tony Oursler, Joe Gibbons, Tony Conrad, Saul Levine, Marko Watkins, Woody. Editing and postproduction facilities provided by a grant from San Francisco Artspace.