Die Rache der Toten Indianer

Revenge of the Dead Indians

1993, 125 min, color, sound

Henning Lohner's portrait of John Cage pays homage to the spirit of the artist in both approach and content. "With this film we wish to honor the creative credo of composer John Cage, to whom the film is dedicated," states Lohner. "We try to pay attention to 'forgotten' landscapes: places we easily pass because they lie at the road side or because they are not 'special' or popularly touristic. All 42 personalities of public life, whether known or unknown (like street cleaners and market vendors) are in conversation with each other - thanks to the medium of television. Some of their main themes are: chance, street noise, or the human brain, the 'radio head' of modern society... The film is structured with the compositional methods practiced by John Cage in mind and translates these musical processes freely to the film medium."

Writer/Director: Henning Lohner. Director of Production: Peter Lohner. Director of Photography: Van T. Carlson. Editor: Sven Fleck. Sound Design: Henning Lohner