Fancy Pantz

1997, 9:13 min, color, sound

Fancy Pantz is a mock prime-time newsmagazine report on a fictitious street-performance troupe of the same name. Described by one member as "experimental modern dance of the ages...definitely," Fancy Pantz collectively dazzle the city of New York with spandex costumes and spontaneous outdoor performances. The host of the show (possibly Bag, who is anonymous behind a face mask and electronically disguised voice) narrates as Fancy Pantz auditions, rehearses, and puts on a live show at the Gramercy International Art Fair. Interviews with members of the group (played by Delia Gonzalez, Gavin Rossam and Christian Holstead) are juxtaposed with those of detractors and devotees. Rudy Giuliani makes a (fake) cameo to praise the dancers' talents.


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