Untitled (Project for the Andy Warhol Museum)

1996, 22 min, color, sound

In Untitled (Project for the Andy Warhol Museum), Bag replicates the experience of channel-surfing, portraying a gamut of TV personalities (daytime and late-night talk show hosts and guests, a veejay, a singer in a music video, a screen actress making the promotional rounds for her new release, a news reporter, and multiple male and female characters from sitcoms, teen dramas and soap operas) and advertising stereotypes (germophobic mothers, "Generation-X" soda drinkers and enraptured proponents of fabric softener) against a backdrop of intermittent static. Bag's types are cathode creatures of the '90s, perfectly tuned to that decade's aesthetic of overwrought edginess and carefully cultivated grunge.


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