Gerald Ford's America: Chic to Sheik

1975, 28 min, b&w and color, sound

The four-part series Gerald Ford's America comprises TVTV's coverage of the American political system, from the presidency to the Washington press corps and the bureaucracy of Capitol Hill. In Chic To Sheik, they take on the Washington Establishment and its social scene. Examining the assertion that political deal-making occurs at the social level, they take careful note of the high cost of entertaining: $10,000 for one diplomatic function. As an ironic footnote to history, the tape culminates in a party for the Shah of Iran at the Iranian Embassy, complete with birthday toasts to the soon-to-be-ousted ruler.

Production: Wendy Appel, Skip Blumberg, Bill Bradbury, Nancy Cain, Frank Cavestany, Wilson Chao, Steve Christiansen, Steve Conant, Michael Couzens, Mary DeOreo, Bart Friedman, Paul Goldsmith, Anda Korsts, Andy Mann, Hudson Marquez, Allen Rucker, Paul Ryan, Michael Shamberg, Jodi Sibert, Elon Soltes, Megan Williams. Editors: Wendy Appel, Frank Cavestani, Anda Korsts, Megan Williams. Produced by TVTV and the TV Lab at WNET/Thirteen. Producer: David Loxton. Videotape Editor: Philip F. Falcone, Jr.