The World's Largest TV Studio

1972, 59:04 min, b&w, sound

In 1972, TVTV brought their low-budget, free-form journalistic techniques to the floor of the Democratic Presidential Convention in Miami. Using lightweight, 1/2-inch Portapak equipment, which allowed them greater mobility and spontaneity than the networks, the TVTV crew moved around the Convention floor with ease and speed. They came away with shrewd, sardonic portraits of the politicians, delegates and voters, providing an irreverent picture of the behind-the-scenes political maneuvering. TVTV's close coverage of the California delegation, as well as the successful battle to unseat Chicago mayor Richard Daley and his delegates, exemplifies the collective's verite methods. Presented without commentary, TVTV's candid, close-up coverage offers a revealing look at one of the foundations of the American political process.

Production: Skip Blumberg, Nancy Cain, Frank Cavestani, Steve Christiansen, Michael Couzens, Bob Devine, Stanton Kaye, Chuck Kennedy, Anda Korsts, Joan Logue, Chip Lord, Andy Mann, Hudson Marquez, Doug Michels, Martha Miller, Jim Newman, Judy Newman, Maureen Orth, Allen Rucker, Ira Schneider, Curtis Schreier, Michael Shamberg, Jodi Sibert, Tom Weinberg, Judy Williams, Megan Williams. Editors: Chuck Kennedy, Allen Rucker, Ira Schneider, Jodi Sibert, Michael Shamberg, Parry Teasdale, Tom Weinberg, Megan Williams. Produced by Top Value Television.