1975, 28:30 min, b&w and color, sound

A documentary about TVTV shot by one of its own members, this first segment of WNET/Thirteen's VTR series was produced while the collective was in Washington working on Gerald Ford's America. Videotaped by Andy Mann, VTR:TVTV includes equipment demonstrations by Alan Rucker, Megan Williams and Skip Blumberg, among others; TVTV members elaborating on the collective's working methods and philosphy; and excerpts from Four More Years, The Lord of the Universe, and Gerald Ford's America. The result is a revealing, behind-the-scenes look at the energy, humor and intelligence that informed TVTV's unique video journalism.

With: Russell Connor. Producers: Candida Harper, David Silver. Videotaped by Andy Mann. A production of the TV Lab at WNET/Thirteen. Executive Producer: David Loxton. Engineering Supervisor/Editor: John J. Godfrey.