in complete world

2008, 53 min, color, sound

Silver writes: "in complete world is both a rigorous and unique reworking of the vox pop tradition - the entire documentary is made up of a weaving of street interviews done throughout NYC. Mixing political questions ('Are we responsible for the government we get?') with more broadly existential ones ('Do you feel you have control over your life?'). the video centers on the tension between individual and collective responsibility."

"in complete world can be seen as a user's manual for citizenship in the 21st century, as well as a glimpse into the opinions and self-perceptions of a diverse group of Americans. It is a testament to the people of New York City in this new millennium, who freely offer up thoughtful, provocative and at times tender revelations to a complete stranger, just because she asked."

Production: House Productions. Interviewers: Jessica Peavy, Naomi White, Samantha Bard, Sophia Peer, Fritzie Brown, Emma Craig. Assistant Editors: Tommy Button, Emma Craig. Editing Consultant: Brian Teare. Funded in part by the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation. Thanks: Ed Bowes, Michelle Leftheris, Anita Silver, Barbara Hammer, Barbara Schelkle, Emily Mode, Gary Sharfin, Nika Spalinger, Mary Patierno, Jeremy Chien, Frances Richard, Dan Porvin, Marc Silver, Shingo Francis, Sally Berger, Reuben Silver, John Menick, Maureen Connor, Kathy High, Maureen McLane, The MacDowell Colony, The Corporation of Yaddo, School of Visual Arts, The Cooper Union. To: Jim Ovitt.

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