Titles with or about Mary Lucier

In the blink of an eye...(amphibian dreams)..."If I could fly I would fly"

1987, 25:11 min, color, sound

Collaborating with choreographer Elizabeth Streb, Lucier constructs a suite of dances in which the human figure is abstracted and isolated within a natural landscape. Structured in three segments, the work suggests the evolution of a mythical being moving from a black void to a natural landscape, and then into an aerial world. Fragmenting and isolating the physical body in space, or in relation to simple elements of landscape, Lucier evokes themes of confinement, the struggle to defy gravity, and a metaphorical desire for transcendence.

Choreography: Elizabeth Streb. Music: Earl Howard. Lighting: Heather Carson. Editor: Gregg Featherman. With: Elizabeth Streb, Daniel McIntosh, Paula Gifford, Henry Beer.

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