On Translation: Fear/Miedo

2005, 30:27 min, color, sound

On Translation: Fear/Miedo is a televised intervention that is based on the production of a video work that weaves together interviews with people who experience the tensions of the border zone on a daily basis, archival televised footage that refers to the idea of fear on the border between Mexico and the United States, and other documentary and journalistic material. The video aims to reveal how fear is a translated emotion, revealing itself in differing ways on both sides of the border as a cultural/sociological construction based on politics and economics. On Translation: Fear/Miedo was broadcast between August and November 2005 in four distinct locations that connect the centers of power/decision making with the places where these policies are evident everyday: Tijuana, San Diego, Mexico City, and Washington, DC.

This project was created for In Site_05 / Interventions and was sponsored by Fundación Televisa.