Video is Television?

1989, 5:34 min, color, sound

In a collision of media images and images of the media, Muntadas fuses films, video and television as a hall of mirrors that reflects contemporary culture. Seen in close-up fragments, television and video images from cinematic sources — Poltergeist, Videodrome, Network, The Candidate — and video art tapes are rendered as illegible, abstracted fields. Against this ground of scanlines and shadowy images, a series of isolated words — "manipulation," "context," "audience," "fragment" — comprise an index of the tactics of the television apparatus, as well as Muntadas' (video's) reflexive strategies of critiquing the media. As Glenn Branca's tense musical score accelerates to a climax, the final video image, which depicts television sets in a consumer display, fragments and disintegrates.

Music: "Symphony No. 1," Glenn Branca. Executive Producer: Caterina Borelli. CMX Editors: Rick Feist, Marshall Reese. Produced by IMATCO/ATANOR for Television Espanola S.A. El Arte del Video.