The Limousine Project

1991, 6:30 min, color, sound

Muntadas writes, "The Limousine Project is a city-specific project for New York, where the 'limo' is an everyday symbol of power and media in our society. The projections display words and images decontextualized from advertisements, headlines, and political slogans. The selection of these words and images is aimed at the reformulation of discourse on current events and the media."

In this project, Muntadas projected fragmented images from advertisements and words — including corruption, gender, violence, gentrified — onto the limousine's windows.

Executive Director: James Clark. Assistance: Brownie Johnson, Tim Karr, Karen Berman, William Easton, Paul Geschlater, Silvia Gitter, Say Gould Stuckey, Mars Visuals, Steve Schiff, Mel and Manya's Limo Service, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York. Videotape: Toni Serra. With the collaboration of The Public Art Fund Inc., Catarina Borelli, Ana Busto, Marisa Cespedes, Silvia Gitter, Kathy High, Branda Miller, Nuria Ribo, Peter Strietmann, Michele Wallace.