orange factory

2002, 11:38 min, color, sound

orange factory travels the back-roads of the Korean countryside at twilight. A haunted voice, reading from Ryu Murakami's Almost Transparent Blue, recalls experiences of pain and abandonment, while an unsettling music track underscores the themes of alienation and loss. Here Cho uses light to reflect on personal history and identity. With its somber tones of orange and blue, and voiceover that explores extreme physical states, orange factory traverses the terror and beauty of memory.

Soundtrack: Stephen Vitiello, David Gamper. Voice: Tracy Leipold. Sound Remix: Stephen Vitiello, Seoungho Cho. Camera Assistance, South Korea: Seungsoon Hwang/Jebu Island, Soonsik Yoon/Sukmo Island, Daesung Suk/Hansan Island & Geijo Island. Text Excerpts: Ryu Murakami, "Almost Transparent Blue." Translation: Nancy Andrew, Kodaman International Ltd., Tokyo, 1977. Producer: Namsik Kim.

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