P.opular S.ky (section ish)

2009, 43:51 min, color, sound, HD video

P.opular S.ky (section ish) submerges characters from other sections of Any Ever into an extreme poetic state where their creative limits bloom, but perhaps only on an illusory level. As the section "ish" (vs. section "a") to the works above, the movie's threads appear to be the culmination of situations initiated during other parts of Any Ever, but at the same time they are annexed as outcomes that might not be part of the official record. The feeling of continuing past what is normal or certain is the most pervasive, binding sensation throughout the movie; not characters themselves, but the continuance of who they were in other movies, are the lead roles. The events of P.opular S.ky are the fevered and shadowy projections of a mind being played with: Trill-ogy Comp can be taken as a human brain, and here the organ is jabbed to produce life-like illusions. Whether real or not, the situations brought to life in P.opular S.ky key the arc and understanding of the rest of Trill-ogy Comp by depicting versions of their finalities.

-- Kevin McGarry


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