robinson or me (From the Far East)

1996, 11 min, b&w and color, sound

In robinson or me, Cho continues his imagistic exploration of the psyche of the solitary individual. Using a combination of meditative static shots and frantic camera movement, he leads the viewer into a realm of extreme isolation, where self-regard and self-observation begin to mutate into a kind of voyeurism. Solitude and silence allow the objects and rituals of daily life — drinking a cup of tea, taking a shower — to take on significance. Lines of text from Karl Krolow's Poems Against Death obliquely comment on this beautiful and reflective assemblage of domestic images.

Producer: Namsik Kim. The poem "Robinson" adopted from Karl Krolow's "Poems Against Death," translated by Herman Salinger, Charioteer Press, Washington D.C., 1991. Music excerpted from Migul Charles Halfhid's "Colors of Silence," Pantone Jacklin Disco, Zurich, 1989. Studio 90125

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