Titles with or about Mike Kelley

Test Room Containing Multiple Stimuli Known to Elicit Curiosity and Manipulatory Responses and A Dance Incorporating Movements Derived from Experiments by Harry F. Harlow and Choreographed in the Manner of Martha Graham

1999, 59:54 min, color, silent

Test Room... is a choreographic work that merges movements related to Martha Graham's mythological dance pieces, gestures derived from monkey behavior observed in Harry Harlow's 1960's experiments, and "cathartic" violent behavior evoking the films of psychologist Albert Bandura's studies of the effect of televised violence on preschool children. The dance piece is intercut with actions performed by four actors, including men in gorilla suits.

A Dance... is a black and white version that presents the complete dance piece, minus the other actions.

With: Sonia Kazorov, Kristen Hernstein, Dion Derizzo, David Bicha, Anita Pace, Carl Burkley. Choreography: Anita Pace. Production Supervisor: Patti Podesta. Camera: Robert Elhardt, Greg Kucera (Dance), Lighting Assistant: Derth Adams. Editor: Greg Kucera. Crew: Catherine Sullivan, Cameron Jamie, Abram Boosinger, Joycelyn Shipley (Dance).


In exhibition, "Test Room..." and "A Dance..." must be shown as separate works, preferably with Test Room projected onto a wall as life scale, and A Dance shown on monitor. Please call the EAI office for further details.

Please allow extra lead-in time if you are planning a public screening or exhibition of this title. All requests must be approved in advance before any event can be confirmed. Providing detailed information regarding any installation plans will facilitate this process.