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The Judson Church Horse Dance

2010, 70:27 min, color, sound, HD video

An evening of performance and music by Mike Kelley presented at the Judson Memorial Church in New York City in 2009. Including: The Judson Church Horse Dance and the Horse Dance of The False Virgin, and live performances of instrumental soundtrack music from Kelley's Day is Done, composed in collaboration with Scott Benzel. Plus the world premiere of The Offer (Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstruction #33), a composition for 12 horns and vocalist.

Created and Directed by Mike Kelley. Music: Mike Kelley, Scott Benzel. Choreography: Kate Foley, Mike Kelley. Produced for the Stage by: Mike Kelley, Scott Benzel. Director of Photography: Liz Rubin. Editor: Molly Fitzjarrald. Recording, Mix: Scott Benzel. Cast: The Virgin Mary: Melissa Stills; Caller: Rafeal Clements. Musicians: Cello: Jessica Catron; Percussion: Drew Jorgensen; Keyboards, Theremin, Guitar: Lewis Keller; Viola: Heather Lockie; Drums, Percussion: Matt Mayhall; Clarinet: Katie Porter Maxwell; Keyboards, Guitar, Harmonica: Devin McNulty; Keyboards, Bass: John Wood. Dancers: Sarita Louise Moore, Briana Brown, Mandy Hackman, Rebecca Warner. Marching Band: Trumpets: Stephanie Richards, Aaron Rockers, Phil Rodriguez, Kenny Warren; Saxophones: Nathan Herrera, Jason Mears, Kevin Farrell, Jon de Lucia; Trombones: James Hirschfeld, Kevin Moehringer, Ryan Snow, James Zeller; Ladder Bearers: Torez Bandeira, Ryan Harmon, Peter Ruth, Jase Woodruff. Production: Musical Conductors: Devin McNulty, Lewish Keller; Score Copying and Additional Arrangement: Devin McNulty; Lighting Design: Ku'uipo Curry; Production Coordinator: Trulee Hall; Make-Up: Lauren Kistler; 2nd Camera: Jack Lam. Performa 09 Production: Director and Curator, Performa: RoseLee Goldberg; Producer: Esa Nickle; Curator: Mark Beasley; Production Manager, Arup: Mike Skinner; Dance Coordinator: Sarita Louise Moore; Rental House: Viper Studios, Inc.; Sound Reinforcement: Charles Moses, Viper Studios, Inc.; A1 FOH Audio Engineer: Arthur Williams, Viper Studios, Inc.; A2 FOH Audio Engineer: Andre Williams, Viper Studios, Inc.; Follow Spot Operators: Tanika Goudeau and Ryan Bloes; Costume Alterations: Sam Wallis; Transport: Axel Anderson. Kelley Studio Production: Art Director: Abel McHone; Production Manager: Mary Clare Stevens; Costumes: Heather Chaffee, Sarah Lee, Kacey Thompson, Jason Gillis; Production Assistants: Alexandria Harris, Amy Wong; Art Department Kelley Studio: Matt Connolly, Trulee Hall, Dave Hughes, Tim Jackson, Sarah Lee, Mark Lightcap, Rafe Mandel, Max Martin, Dennis Ramirez, Brian Randolph, Holden Whitmarsh; Additional Horns: Joe Armstrong, David Pittel, George Stanford; Graphic Design/Titles: Ahrum Hong; Photography: Paula Court; DVD Authoring: Sasha Freedman. Mike Kelley: The Judson Church Horse Dance and (The Offer) Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstruction #33: "Cowgirl Teenbeat": Kelley/Benzel; "Into the Woods": Kelley/Benzel; "Judson Church Horse Dance": Kelley; "Structuralist Mimes": Kelley/Benzel; Co-Workers: Kelley; "Motivational Speech": Kelley/Benzel; "The Offer": Kelley/Benzel; "Coda": Kelley/Benzel/Tunador; "Nature Study": Kelley/Benzel; "Mary": Kelley; "Procession": Kelley, Benzel; "May Crowning": Kelley/Benzel; "Horse Dance of the False Virgin": Kelley/Benzel; "Institutional Exit": Kelley/Benzel; "Empty Gym": Kelley; "Hag Mary": Kelley; "Empty Gym" (Reprise): Kelley; Produced and Arranged by Mike Kelley, Scott Benzel; Orchestration: Scott Benzel; Original Soundtrack Released on Compound Annex Recordings. Special Thanks: Trulee Hall, Mark Beasley, Gagosian Gallery, Emi Fontana, Paula Court, John Lovett, Alessandro Codagnone.


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