The Shame of Lela La Suere

1992, 43:52 min, color, sound

Writes Kuchar: "A psychological thriller of a brain and science run amok among marital discourd and occult manifestations. It was made with my students at the San Francisco Art Institute and explores hypnotic regression and a guilt complex aggravated by an accidental murder, which was triggered by deviant behavior."

With: George Andrews, Morgan Blackledge, Wen Hui Chen, Stephen Cribben, Laurel DeFoggie, Kevin Deal, Omar Gal, Josephine Huang, Kyoko Kundo, Herbert Massey, Esther Newman, Monica Novak, Michael Posky, Anna Preslar, Karen Talleu, Ronald Tapley, Young Bum Yum, Richard Sears, Baruch Rafic, Richard Sanchez, James Seibert, Albert Guwin, Paros, Amanda, Scott Trotter.

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