Vorurteile (oder die Not macht Erfinderisch)

1984, 8:22 min, color, sound

Romantic German landscapes, totemic objects, archival film footage of industry and labor, the carousel scene from Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train — these mythic representations and icons from Western, non-Western and media cultures are juxtaposed and conjoined in Vorurteile. Odenbach constructs a conundrum of identity that includes the personal, the cultural and the social. As a symbolic formal device, he divides the screen into panels through window shutters that both reveal and conceal, suggesting being inside looking out and outside looking in. Creating a relational dialogue between disparate, often cryptic artifacts and rituals that suggest literal or metaphorical meanings of "revolution," Odenbach investigates cultural and historical hierarchies, fetishes and relationships.

Scenario/Sound/Editor: Marcel Odenbach.

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