Titles with or about Vito Acconci


(Indirect Approaches)

1973, 30 min, b&w, sound

This historical videotape, produced in 1973 at Art/Tapes/22 in Florence, Italy, is being made available for the first time in decades through EAI's Video Preservation Program.

Writes Acconci: "A long narrow corridor, leading to the camera—at one side, a window—sun streams in, splotches of light and dark, the corridor shimmers. I'm at the far end—walking back and forth, humming, biding my time. Then I talk to the viewer—rather, to a specific viewer: 'So you're finally there—I've waited for you—you had to be there first.' I walk around the camera, still humming, talking now and then, but waiting till I'm close before I come down hard. I'm close up—only my lips on screen—too close, blurred: 'You want to hear about her—her hair is blonde, your hair could never be like hers—she has her own life, I'm interested in what she's thinking, we could never have had a relationship like this.' I back off, leave 'you' hanging, go back to the other end—but I come back, I don't leave 'you' alone."

Produced by Art/Tapes/22

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