30 Second Portraits: Paris Artists

1982-83, 12:21 min, color, sound

30 Second Spots: Paris focuses on prominent artists, writers, philosophers and musicians working in Paris. Using elegant special effects, close-ups, and a highly condensed time frame, Logue captures her subjects in moments of intimacy and contemplation. Pierre Boulez ponders the rhythms of Stravinsky; renowned photographer Robert Doisneau, camera in hand, catches the life of a Paris street; Julia Kristeva, noted feminist theorist, speaks of motherhood and walks with her son in the Jardin des Tuilleries. Afloat in a swimming pool, David Hockney basks in an iridescent world that mirrors the vibrant hues of his paintings. Resonating with the vitality of Paris, these concise cameo portraits crystallize the city's unique artistic and intellectual life.

In French.

Assistant: Sophie Baguenault. Produced by Joan Logue in association with the Centre Georges Pompidou.


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