30 Second Portraits: San Francisco Artists

1984, 2:54 min, color, sound

San Francisco artists Starr Sutherland, Diamanda Galas and Don Buchla are among the subjects featured in 30 Second Spots: San Francisco. Logue tailors the style and content of each succinct "spot" to complement the idiosyncratic nature of the artist's work: Sutherland delivers a terse aphorism; Galas' distorted voice is paired with an abstracted image; Buchla's synthesized sounds are accompanied by graceful fish and speeding clouds.

Subjects (in order of appearance): Anna Halprin‚ Star Sutherland‚ Diamanda Galas‚ Tim Hatch, Donald Buchla.

Produced by Joan Logue in association with the Capp Street Project.


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