Video Portraits: French Writers

1986, 7:46 min, color, sound

Logue merges image with spoken and written text in Video Portraits: French Writers, utilizing elegant video techniques to illustrate the words of such prominent authors and theorists as Jacques Derrida, Andre Du Bouchet, and Florence Delay. Whether filling the screen with Derrida's handwritten lines, focusing on a close-up of Delay's face, or employing imaging techniques to transform scenes from Du Bouchet's life into pages fluttering in the wind, Logue finds an incisive visual accompaniment for the writers' words. Read by the authors themselves, the texts retain their power and provide a graceful backdrop for these revealing portraits of the creative temperament.

Writers (in order of appearance): Michel DeGuy, Claude Simon, Andre du Bouchet, Claude Ollier, Pascal Quignard, Pierrette Fleutiaux, Danielle Sallenave, Florence DeLay, Jacques Derrida, Michel Rio.

In French.

Lighting: Jacques Nibert. Camera: Jacques Nibert, Joan Logue. Sound: Nicolas Joly, Victor Bissengue. Editor: Joan Logue. Special Effects: Isabelle Laclau, Jacques Levasseur. Post-Production: Videosystems, Paris. A Co-Production of ARCANAL, Bibliotheque Publique d'Information, Centre Georges Pompidou, Centre National des Lettres, Teleliberation.