5 Composers: 5 Countries

1989, 40 min, color, sound

5 Composers: 5 Countries portrays five contemporary composers from around the world. Logue visits Michael Nyman in London, Carlos Santos in Spain, Alvin Curran in Rome, Michael Levinas in Paris, and Tod Machover in Boston, documenting the fabric of their creative lives. Concentrating on their immediate environments, with occasional forays into the cities in which they work, Logue creates intimate portraits, in which the echoes of the composers' music can be heard in their daily lives. Shot verite-style with a hand-held camera, and woven together with a fluid use of dissolves and fades, these portraits depict both an objective and personal vision of the creative process.

In English, Spanish, and French.

Producer/Director/Editor: Joan Logue. Executive Producer: Anne Marie Stein, Boston Film and Video Foundation. Editors: Mark Repasky, Rick Feist.