As Da Art World Might Turn (the series) (Season 1) Episodes 1-6

2013, 29:04 min, color, sound

Writing on his Huffington Post blog about the new episodes of his artworld soap opera series As Da Art World Might Turn, Linzy states, "The new version continues to center around Katonya, Big Feet Freddy, and Sholeva Sure's melodramatic journey through 'their' contemporary art world, but also introduces a set of new characters. It stars myself, Natasha Lyonne, Leo Fitzpatrick, Tunde Adebimpe, Sara Stern, Gabe Culver Mendola, and Steve Loff. It was shot at Arts@29 Garden Harvard, where I am an artist in residence and Linden Street Studios where my classes meet."

Written, directed, edited, and produced by Kalup Linzy. All voices by Kalup Linzy. Assistant to Director: Sara Stern. Make-up: Allison Ray, Jake Egan. Production Assistants: Katherine Agard, Erica Christmas, Danny Erickson, Chris Masterson, Will McChesney, Matt Plaks, Sara Stern. Cast: Kalup Linzy, Natasha Lyonne, Leo Fitzpatrick, Tunde Adebimpe, Sara Stern, Gabe Culver Mendola, Steve Loff, James Butler. Extras: Erica Christmas, Evan Christmas, Ximena Izquierdo, Julian Avery Leonard, Luke Mendola, Zena Mengesha, Julia Pimes, Eduardo Restrepo, Bryan Rodriguez. Score by Kalup Linzy. "Katonya's Comission" and "U Like U Eat U Want Some Mo" written, produced, and performed by Kalup Linzy. Marble background in various scenes were created by Calico Wallpaper (Red Hook Brooklyn). Special Thanks: Bess Paupeck, Denise Oberdan, The Visual and Environmental Studies Department, Harvard, Arts@29 Garden Harvard, Visionaire. This project was shot on location at Arts@29Garden Harvard and Linden Street Studios (Harvard).


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