Melody Set Me Free

2007, 15:16 min, color, sound

Melody Set Me Free is an alternately hilarious and heartbreaking narrative about contestants in an American Idol-style talent show competition and their quest for fame and stardom. Writes Linzy, "Vying to win a recording contest, they must take a Whitney Houston song and make it their own." The narrative was written, directed, and edited by Linzy, who also performs and overdubs all of the voices of the multiple characters.

Written, directed, and edited by Kalup Linzy. All voices performed by Kalup Linzy. Starring: Kalup Linzy, Justin Bond, Harmonica Sunbeam, Frank Leon Roberts, Sahara Davenport, Joshua Seidner, Chris Moukarbel, Carmen Hammons, Marlon B. Extras: Susanna Vapnek, Gracie Cox. Production Assistants: Anthony Fuller, Tedra Wilson. Special Thanks: Debra Singer, Rashida Bumbray, Stefan Jacobs. Courtesy of the artist and Taxter and Spengemann.


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