SweetBerry Sonnet (Remixed)

2008, 22:06 min, color, sound

SweetBerry Sonnet (Remixed) is a remixed version of Linzy's recent video anthology, which was created to accompany the songs on the artist's 2008 album, SweetBerry Sonnet. Performing as his recurring characters (including Taiwan, Labisha, Katonya, Nucuavia and Jada), Linzy created a music video for each R&B-inspired song on the album. The songs—all written and performed with sublime theatricality by Linzy—trace a melodramatic arc of desire and loss. Adopting a pop cultural vernacular and format, Sweetberry Sonnet (Remixed) brings together Linzy's interests in narrative, music, performance art, and media to create a distinctively alternative vision of the music video form.

Production Assistants: Anthony Fuller, Adam Rho, Tedra Wilson. Cast (in order of appearance): Kalup Linzy, James "PJ" Ransone, Cherise Matthew, Joshua Seidner, Jo-ey Tang, Chris Moukarbel, Inbred Hybrid Collective, Cindy Jenkins, Tedra Wilson, Jacolby Satterwhite, Frank Leon Roberts, Sahara Davenport, Justin Bond.


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