Conversations wit de Churen II: All My Churen

2003, 29:14 min, color, sound

The New York Times' Holland Cotter writes, "Television soap opera is Mr. Linzy's primary, though not sole, inspiration. And this particular melodrama, with its Byzantine subplots, revolves around the tortured emotional life of a voluble young woman named Nucuazia and the death of an acquaintance named JoJo, whom we take to be her lover, in a drive-by shooting. The story has oodles of intrigue (not to mention loose ends), heartbreak aplenty (crying jags culminating in a confrontational, cathartic memorial service) and at least one major surprise...If most of the characters, including Nucuazia's sharp-tongued mother, soft-touch grandmother, wastrel brother and brusque corporate executive sister, share an uncanny family resemblance, it is because Mr. Linzy plays them all, brilliantly."

Written, Directed and Edited by Kalup Donte Linzy. Camera/Technical Assistants: Leslie Elsasser, Jon Peterson, Kat Thompson, Kate Spencer, Britzel Vasquez. Cast Members: Nucuavia, Taiwan, Nora Lee, Leelabell, Jada, Tyrone: Kalup Donte Linzy. Brooke: Britzel Vasquez. J.C.: Derrick Adams. Community Members: Denise Howland, Cat Thompson. Taiwan's dream sequence shot by Jennifer Clarke. Music produced by Kalup Donte Linzy, Sabrina Pena, Ulysses Jackson, Julius Hyde, Shawn Tewes, Raw Productions. Special Thanks: Diane Elmeer, Hasan Elahi, Lou Marcus, Fannie Greene, Mernet Larsen, Thom Mclaughlin, Odili Donald Odita, Erika Greenberg, Wally Wilson, Ryan Berg, Amanda Carlson, all family and friends.


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