Awakening from the 20th Century

1999, 35 min, color, sound

Awakening from the 20th Century contends with the collision between the actual and the virtual in the city of San Francisco. "Is life becoming virtual?" Lord asks. "Are we witnessing the end of the City? Will the computer replace the automobile?" These questions are taken up by six prominent writers, musicians, and multi-media workers, who describe their own shifting relationships to technology and public space within the city. Awakening from the 20th Century is structured around imagery from several San Francisco sites: the broadcast transmission tower Sutro Tower; "Critical Mass," an activist bicycle event; and locations from the Dashiel Hammet Walking Tour, which are interspersed with scenes from The Maltese Falcon.

Featuring the music of The Residents. Produced, shot and edited by Chip Lord. Additional videography by Christopher Beaver. With: Homer Flynn, John Sanborn, Ellen Ullman, Gannon Hall, James Rucker, Rebecca Solnit. Funded by a Film Arts Foundation Personal Works grant.