1989, 69 min, color, sound

The iconic value of the American automobile is a subject that has long fascinated Lord. This road video follows a 1962 Ford Thunderbird's cross-country journey to Los Angeles. Behind the wheel, the Motorist (Richard Marcus) reminisces about his strong attachment to the automobile, with its promise of freedom and escape. The obliquely satirical monologue is juxtaposed with naive, romanticized footage from promotional films and magazine ads of the 1950s. In reality, the Motorist travels a highway riddled with shabby roadside towns and improbable theme parks, which stand in stark contrast to his nostalgic childhood memories. In the final irony, this most American of automobiles is ultimately sold to a Japanese car collector, suggesting that with the wholesale dissemination of pop culture into a world arena, the American landscape is in danger of disappearing.

Written and Directed by Chip Lord. With: Richard Marcus, Jo Harvey Allen, Pippa Garner, Jules Backus, Chris Slater, Hudson Marquez, Toshi Onuki, Sumi Nobuhara, Theo Marcus, Diane Andrews Hall. Director of Photography: Jules Backus. Assistant Director: Chris Beaver. Editor: Chip Lord. Additional Video: Andy Kolker, Toshi Onuki. Music: Terry Allen, The Residents.